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Putt your way to greatness!So, whether you call it miniature golf, mini-golf, midget golf or goofy golf, you're sure to enjoy this superbly great mini golf 3D game.Recent changes:Mini golf game 3d initial releaseBug fixesContent rating: Low Maturity Skyfire seems like it's better built for tablets than it is for smartphones. If you use it on a 4-inch-or-less Android gadget, the toolbars are just in the way. They take up too much of the page, which means repeated scrolling to read articles. 1nsane just won't look like they're supposed to, more often than not. Luckily, the toolbars go away for a full-screen experience when you start scrolling. When they're on the page, the extra features do make browsing faster. You can go to Facebook, Twitter, or several other sites without having to launch a second app. Sadly, that's the only way the browser increases your surfing speed. 1nsane just don't seem to load any more quickly than they would in Android's default browser. That means other downloads tend to blow 1nsane out of the water. Ruzzle Free installs very quickly but does require registration to play the game. Users can register with one click via 1nsane or they can enter their information, manually. If you take the route through Facebook, all your contacts will be added to the permission list. This game offers an easy-to-use interface. The main screen allows the user to start a new game, continue with old games, or view previous scores. When the user starts a new game they must select who they play with. The opponent can be a 1nsane friend or a random selection. The game board is displayed as a letter grid. The user must swipe their finger and highlight as many words as possible. The game has three rounds and each round is timed. Naturally, the player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Like most similar apps, calls, texts, and video chats are only free if your friend uses the service. During testing, only two contacts were already on the app. That's not a ringing endorsement. However, inviting people to 1nsane Mobile is really easy and you get credit for third-party calls by doing it. You can find that and all of the app's other features right from its stylish menu. It brings up an alternate dialer and text inbox that look better than what Android offers by default. You can even browse your regular contacts. Unfortunately, the app was offline frequently during testing. The 50 percent of the time that it lets you make a call, the video quality was really solid. Audio was touch-and-go, which is unexpected from a company that's been doing voice calls for so long. In terms of performance and reports, 360 Mobile Security does make for a very approachable app in a category marred by complexity, ambiguity, and sometimes even questionable functionality. As 360 Mobile Security performs its scans, it'll display any detected items under one of three categorizations: malware, vulnerabilities, and protective options. Each detected item can be resolved at an individual or categorical level. Not only does 360 Mobile Security call out any detections of suspicious activity, but there's a surprising level of transparency and education for the user. Not only does each item have a description, but 360 Mobile Security will walk you through how it plans on fixing each vulnerability, as well as the type of harm a particular item can cause with its presence. The installation and setup are painless with Funny Camera. This app loads quickly and allows the user to begin having fun right away. Pictures are selected from the gallery and imported to the application. The user interface is clean and bright, functioning smoothly. Once the image is selected the program allows the user to pick an effect. This process only works with portraits. The image is then compiled and the finished product is presented. The image quality is pretty good and appropriate for sharing on social networks. One issue with this app is that the process must be started all over again if the user wishes to apply a different effect. There is no preview option. This is probably because of the advanced effects it uses involving the resizing and orienting of the images. Snapkeys is an innovative solution, but certainly not a universal replacement at this current stage. QWERTY may have its flaws when it comes to obstructing your screen view to some degree, but it's also remained an evident solution for a wide variety of applications (DVORAK enthusiasts may disagree though ;D ), and arguably become less of an issue as screen sizes increase. It might indeed solve a partial aspect of the screen obstruction problem, but Snapkeys also runs into issues of its own, like when used in chatting environments. Its learning curve isn't bad, but don't expect to reap the fruits of immediate convenience, either, since it does take some time getting used to which primary lette

Because you can use the Advanced features for five days before paying for them, it is fun to see what they entail. From motion snooze using the device's camera to alarm duration, exponential snooze settings, and interface adjustments, the modest upgrade cost ends up being well worth it for the more robust version of this app. If you want a powerful, feature-rich alarm app for your iPad, consider Jettison 1nsane Clock. Talking Tom Cat for 1nsane uses the same model as the other apps in the series. An animated tomcat appears on the screen. You say something and Tom repeats it with changes in voice and expressions. You can interact with the cat, such as patting his belly to make him purr, poking him, or pulling his tail,m all to get responses. There are props such as a bag and pillow, all designed to get an amusing reaction from Tom. If you buy upgrades you get even more you can do, and you can actually earn upgrades by using the app a lot. You can dress Tom up and give him things to play with. The menus presented by nexGTv 1nsane are clean. The content made available covers all major genres, from news to drama, to sports. When you select a channel the menu shows a schedule of programs that will be coming up or are currently being streamed. There's some nice features such as a quick channel surf and preview, and quick launching of the channel guide. The picture quality was good on our test iPhone 5, and should scale well to the iPad's larger screen. Video on demand gets streamed, with no charges incurred (although the VOD content is a bit older than current release). When you start the app, Music Maker Lite shows one option -- start playing. Playing the game consists of tapping one of many instruments. After tapping an instrument, it plays until you tap it again. There are a handful of such instruments, and while they don't make a bad sound when played in any combination, it can get quite noisy, which will clearly be a big selling point for the kids, if not the adults forced to listen. Built for preschoolers, it is creatively engaging, shows the basic functions of many musical instruments, and gives users plenty of options to play with. At first glance, it is not immediately apparent what Secure Temple does. The app is created without interface in mind. It lacks clear directions, has multiple unmarked menus, and doesn't even describe what the function of the app is supposed to be (unless you read the description in the 1nsane Store). That alone is enough to frustrate and chase away most users. However, behind the obtuse design and stark menus there is a tool that can be extremely useful for anyone that creates and stores large volumes of passwords, secret keys and other number strings on their iPhone or iPad. The free app installs easily, requires no registration, and features no ad. It has only two features. One, it tells the time, borrowing the system time from your phone and showing it on a classic pocket watch face. Two, it has a gentle ticking sound that you can turn on or off. The volume is fairly loud, even with a recent update to turn it down. A volume-control meter would be a nice addition to the interface to make it easier to turn down. It's a fun app though, especially if you once carried a wind-up pocket watch and are nostalgic for the days of non-digital everything. Jasmine is a full-featured 1nsane client for i


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